Saturday, 4 February 2012

Day 2 New Zealand 2012 Tour

We had heard about a neighbouring Creek that was only 1km away from where we camping out that was similar to the stream we had fished the day before and again produced larger than average trout. The only difference to this small river being that it was spring fed making sight fishing much easier.

Unfortunately this river system had been affected by high levels of what was known as 'Blue-Green algue' so the fish appeared to be sitting hard to the bottom of the riverbed and unresponsive to any natural insect life floating past them and refusing any offering we presented over them.

As the day started to come to come to an end and the light began to fade we spotted the first sign of an active trout. It was a brownie around about 7-8lb, Sipping small emerging Mayflies from the surface film. Steve positioned himself 30 yards below the fish and carefully but slowly waded his way upstream inline of the feeding trout.

With a well precisioned cast, that landed 4ft above the fish, The trout slowly started to make it's assend up to the surface. With a sluggish lift of it's mouth, it broke the surface and sucked down the 'Deer Hair Emerger that Steve had tied. With a lift of the rod tip, the rod began to flex and to that, the fish responded with a big shake of the head and shot off upstream shrugging it's head back and forth.

After about 5 minutes of Steve running up and down the pool and a scoop of the net success was achieved with followed by a big grin as Steve's and my face lit up.

                               Success At Last. Steve With A 7lb Wild New Zealand Brown Trout.
Smiles all round as we capture the glory of catching the first trout of the trip.

As the day drew to a close, the boys felt happy with a sense of achievement and talked about the moment all the way back to the car. Good fishing, with good friends. After all thats the reason we go fishing.

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